The Nordics

Finland and Sweden are stable economies with good fundamentals and infrastructure.

Finland’s market is dominated by Helsinki, an important air and water terminal with a population in excess of 1 million people.

The bulk of Logicor’s Nordic portfolio is located in Finland, while our Swedish assets run from Stockholm through to Malmo in the south.

Our presence

We are a leading company specialising in owning, leasing and developing logistics and industrial properties with a portfolio of over 1.3 million square metres across Finland and Sweden. 

We provide the most versatile premises on the market, designed for the management of goods. We understand the requirements that our customers’ business sets for premises and provide individual solutions for all space requirements by modifying our existing premises accordingly or by having entirely new premises constructed. With us, you can do business quickly and professionally. We take care of the condition, safety and efficiency of the premises.

Our portfolio

We own 77 properties located near the largest cities in Finland and 9 properties in Sweden. Our properties are in logistically excellent locations by main traffic arteries. They are easy to access and convenient even for large vehicles. Whatever your needs are, our logistics and production premises can meet them as we tailor our premises according to your business. When your company grows or your space requirements change, our premises can be flexibly modified. 

Our customers

Our customer base consists of over 400 customers operating mainly in trade, manufacturing and light industrial and logistics services. 

We offer our customers an easy and effortless way to lease premises. Our operations have a strong customer orientation: we offer you exactly the premises you need, either by tailoring and developing our existing premises or by constructing a new property. 

Our team

We serve our regional customers locally from our offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Stockholm.​ For more information on our Nordic portfolio, see our Finnish website.

Mikko ​Krootila

Portfolio Director, Nordics

Markku Mikala

Asset Manager (Finland)

Tommi Savinainen

Asset Manager (Finland)

Olli Ahopelto

Asset Manager (Finland)

Tero Välkkilä

Asset Manager (Finland)

Christoffer Walljaeger

Senior Asset Manager (Sweden)


Jorma Lehtonen

Managing Director, Nordics

+358 (0) 5 00 70 82 22

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