Case study

Investing in Ingram Micro warehouse


Ingram Micro



Logicor was able to provide Ingram Micro with a capital contribution to allow Ingram Micro to invest in this facility to support their future business strategy and secure a long term lease.

UK Portfolio




Logicor acquired Unit C, DIRFT as part of a portfolio acquisition with a short unexpired lease term to Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro was using this facility as their main distribution centre in the UK but it required further capital investment to make it suitable for their future operation.


Logicor worked closely with Ingram Micro to understand how the unit could be optimised for their current and future operation and were able to provide a capital contribution to allow Ingram Micro to make the necessary investment into the unit to achieve this.


Logicor was able to support Ingram Micro’s continued investment in this facility and create value for our shareholder with Ingram Micro committing to a long term lease at the unit because of this investment from the Landlord.

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