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Logicor signed a first lease of 10,000 sqm with AZ in September 2014


AZ Servizi & Logistica



Logicor signed a first lease of 10,000 sqm with AZ IN September 2014, a few months after acquiring the Tortona logistics park from. At that point, the park was 70% vacant.

Southern Europe Portfolio


Southern Europe


AZ Servizi & Logistica is an Italian SME, based in the Alessandria province, specialized in third-party logistics for the food industry, with a strong focus on the pet food field. This sector has been growing rapidly in recent years. One of the main reasons for AZ Servizi & Logistica to come to Tortona was the park’s capacity to accommodate its future growth. Logicor was able to put in place a lease with flexible terms allowing AZ to take additional space.


This has proven to be a win-win bet for both parties: AZ has let additional 5,000 sqm less than a year after the signature of the first lease and is confident to replicate the same expansion in 2017.


“Logicor and GVA are now established partners who we trust over the long-term. Our intention is to take an additional 5,000 sqm on top of the recent extension in 2017 and thank our customers and service providers in supporting our growth prospects."
Simone Cini, CEO of AZ Servizi & Logistica

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