Core Values

Across Logicor, we use the following core values summarised as REACH to guide our decision-making and define how we conduct ourselves with colleagues, customers, investors and business partners. These values underpin both individual and corporate success and reflect our unwavering commitment to promoting a business environment that is collaborative, dynamic, engaging and inclusive.


  • We maintain a positive drive to achieve our business goals.
  • We help our people to be their best by providing coaching and feedback.
  • We remain lean, nimble and flexible.
  • ​We have the courage to take measured risks in order to achieve our business goals.


  • We are committed to adding value beyond what is expected.
  • We strive to improve by encouraging critical thinking and innovation.
  • We continuously learn and grow by deepening our knowledge of our business and developing our skills.
  • We embrace change and move quickly and decisively to capitalise on it.

As one

  • We collaborate as one team to achieve our objectives.
  • We are transparent and communicate openly with each other.
  • We treat everyone with respect and value diversity.
  • We support each other.
  • We ask for help when needed and offer help when asked.
  • We strive to create a positive, energetic and fun working environment.


  • Our customers are at the core of our business.
  • We build lasting relationships with our customers and are committed to understanding and serving their needs.
  • We are clear in our communications and decisive in our actions.
  • We deliver on our promises, see things through from start to finish and strive to achieve win-win results through collaboration.


  • Trust, honesty and integrity are the foundations of our culture.
  • We honour our commitments and deliver on our promises.
  • We are consistent and strive to be responsible, reliable, genuine and considerate.
  • We delegate and empower.

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