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Our presence

The Benelux region is one of the key logistics markets along the European supply chain with a considerable Logicor presence. Logicor has a “hands on” style of managing their properties which includes frequent meeting with our clients to discuss how we can help to improve their business. The Vonk case in the Case Studies section is a prime example, though not the only one, of the unique solutions we can offer our clients.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio in the Netherlands and Belgium consists of over 600,000 sqm across 24 high quality properties. These properties are generally located in the key logistics markets in the South of the Netherlands (Tilburg, Roosendaal, Venlo) and the Golden Triangle in Belgium (Willebroek and Zaventem).

Our customers

Our customers include a number of large international logistics companies, national logistics companies and various retailers and manufacturing companies, each of who have very different needs. Logicor is focussed on understanding those needs, forging relationships and helping our customers with mutually beneficial logistics warehouse solutions. We have recently structured various leases in such a way that they serve the objectives of both our clients and us enabling our clients to expand their business or maintain their customers in a highly competitive business environment.

Jeroen Smit
Managing Director, Benelux 


Matthijs van der Jagt
Asset Manager, Benelux